Departmental Bulletin Paper 工業技術博物館の活動(センターの教育活動報告)

松野, 建一  ,  丹治, 明  ,  平柳, 惠作  ,  五月女, 浩樹  ,  Kenichi, Matsuno  ,  Akira Tanji,  ,  Keisaku, Hirayanagi  ,  Hiroki, Saotome

The Museum was established on the campus in 1987 to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the school, and has been open to the public free of charge. More than 400 historically valuable machines and instruments contributed to the development of Japanese manufacturing industry are exhibited. Many machine tools are preserved in operable condition and small factories of the old days have also been restored. A gas turbine developed in the national R&D project and a steam locomotive made in U.K. in 1891 is also preserved. 178 machines and instruments are registered as the national cultural assets, and 62 machine tools made in Japan are acknowledged to be the heritages of industrial modernization.

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