Departmental Bulletin Paper 3DCG 映像による介助技術の習得支援教材の開発(学内特別研究および国外研修,学内特別研究費報告書)

江藤, 香  ,  松田, 洋  ,  高瀬, 浩史  ,  山崎, 敦子  ,  吉田, 廣子  ,  伊藤, きよみ  ,  荻原, 美智恵  ,  佐伯, 喜久子  ,  清水, 暁彦  ,  Kaoru, Eto  ,  Hiroshi, Matsuda  ,  Atsuko, Yamazaki  ,  Hiroko, Yoshida  ,  Kiyomi, Ito  ,  Akihiko, Shimizu

This study developed learning materials to support the acquisition of skills for elderly care. Our aim is to establish a method that develops human resources for elderly care using ICT and develop learning materials for caregivers. We developed learning materials that increase the awareness of novice caregivers based on comparisons of their care with the care of experts by overlapping the movements of novices and experts in 3DCG movies. Evaluation and feedback from a nurse, a physical therapist, an orthopedist, and a nursing school teacher confirmed that 3DCG movies and overlapping techniques can provide useful educational benefits.

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