Departmental Bulletin Paper 埼玉県における水需要予測に関する研究(学内特別研究および国外研修,学内特別研究費報告書)

丸山, 友希夫  ,  Yukio, Maruyama

Forecasting the water demands is very important for pure-water reservoirs. Because the value of water supply to the water supply stations cannot be changed frequently according to the variation of water demands. The goal of this study is to propose forecasting method of water demands applying all over the country in Japan. The point of this forecasting method is following three matters. 1) Based multiple regression analysis. 2) Using multiple year's data of the value of water supply per day. 3) Correcting the obtained multiple regression formula by single regression analysis. In previous studies, forecasting precision is obtained approximately 2%. However, there is no improvement of forecasting precision. In this paper, forecasting precision is focused. Purpose of this paper is to examine factors of improving forecasting precision. The relation between distribution of temporary forecasting value and that of actual value of water supply is examined.

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