Departmental Bulletin Paper 磁気浮上を利用した物体の3次元非接触マニピュレーションの研究(学内特別研究および国外研修,学内特別研究費報告書)

池添, 泰弘  ,  Yasuhiro, Ikezoe

A noble technique for non-contact manipulation of an object levitating in a magnetic field has been developed. The material I used here is a phosphorescent material, anthracene. Since the magnetic susceptibility of phosphorescent material becomes more paramagnetic under the UV irradiation condition than in a dark condition in which the phosphorescent material is usually diamagnetic, the repulsive magnetic force on the material becomes weaker under UV light irradiation. This causes the unbalance between the gravitational force and magnetic force, resulting in the change of the equilibrium position of the levitating object. In the experiments, I observed that an object levitating in a paramagnetic ethanol solution placed in a strong magnetic field reversibly displayed rotational motion in the three-dimensional space, synchronizing with ON/OFF of the UV light. The motion observed here was different from what I expected, however, I successfully confirmed that UV light causes somewhat the change of the magnetic susceptibility in the material and surely moves the levitating object. The mechanism would be understood through further experiments.

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