Departmental Bulletin Paper 学内遊水池を利用したビオトープ形成に関する研究(修士論文概要)--(環境共生システム工学専攻)

原口, 寿章  ,  Toshiaki, Haraguchi

All over the world, the consciousness of biodiversity conservation including COP10 is high. Therefore, when carrying out biodiversity conservation, the biotope attracts attention. In this paper, to the new proposal of valid indicators and biotope formation of biological diversity, using the campus basins created a "campus biotope" was compared with the surrounding area while the biological investigation. The candidate for comparison investigated two places, an "ecology garden" and "a new village." Whenever years passed by regardless of an "intramural biotope" being inferior to the "ecology garden" made into the object first other from living thing results of an investigation, results of an investigation improved and it improved to the same level as "the new village" which is a surrounding area. Moreover, the method of the biotope formation which used inclination of a relative abundance curve based on this was proposed.

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