Departmental Bulletin Paper キャンパス内地中熱利用による省エネ可能性に関する研究(環境分野研究奨励助成金研究)

渡邊, 貢人  ,  真保, 祐甫  ,  雨宮, 隆  ,  Tsuguto, Watanabe  ,  Yushuke, Shinpo  ,  Takashi, Amemiya

Availability of ground source heat expected in the campus was studied. For this purpose, underground temperatures at 6 locations in the campus were monitored during months from summer to winter seasons. Each monitoring location had four vertical temperature points up to 2.8m depth. Result of the monitored temperature trends clarified that, at any point, the subterranean temperature with depth of about 2m and more was almost stable regardless of the season. An underground water circulation system was installed to convey ground source heat for heating or cooling refrigerant of a commercial air conditioner, in order to evaluate its energy saving performance. Experiment results showed that, this energy saving effect is notably acquired in the heating operation during winter, compared wit h the air conditioning operation during summer.

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