Departmental Bulletin Paper ホコリセンサを用いた環境汚染物質濃度の可視化システムの開発(環境分野研究奨励助成金研究)

鈴木, 清太郎  ,  木村, 隆寛  ,  小西, 大気  ,  柴田, 尚明  ,  勝間田, 仁  ,  松田, 洋  ,  Seitaro, Suzuki  ,  Takahiro, Kimura  ,  Daiki, Konishi  ,  Naoaki, Shibata  ,  Masashi, Katsumata  ,  Hiroshi, Matsuda

We have developed a system for the visualization of environmental pollutant concentration. This system provides a Raspberry P i based sensing platform for measuring an environmental pollutant. It c an be connected with a set of sensors that can measure environmental pollutant. A measured value is displayed graphically and numerically on the Web. We verified the feasibility of our system by measuring the environmental pollutant among one month.

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