Departmental Bulletin Paper 大学近隣の小学校に対する理科教育支援活動(2)(学内特別研究および国外研修)

服部, 邦彦  ,  瀧ヶ崎, 隆司  ,  佐藤, 杉弥  ,  梅谷, 篤史  ,  齋藤, 弘雄  ,  Kunihiko, Hattori  ,  Takashi, Takigasaki  ,  Sugiya, Sato  ,  Atsushi, Umeya  ,  Hiroo, Saito

Our students and we developed various instruments used for scientific experiments, which aim to improve science education at neighboring elementary schools. We provided these instruments to the elementary schools, and shared our knowledge and experiences with the teachers working there. We also took part in science club activities to develop pupils' interest in science by exposing them to advanced scientific experiments.

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