Departmental Bulletin Paper 武里団地における活動の総括~世代を超えた地域コミュニティをデザインするための学生の実践活動 その3~(学内特別研究および国外研修)

佐々木, 誠  ,  Makoto, Sasaki

In these practice activities, we made a report about housing community, which is worried about declined activities and energy, and isolated the aged people, and was aimed at regeneration. As a result of these practical activities four original plans by university students were realized. And we realized, as follows : 1) These activities are not only one of idea but effective. 2) At these activities, it is important that having connection with residents through various students' participation. 3) Then, it is important also that students' original plans are carried out and exchanging information face to face. 4) Supporting university and teachers in students' activities are effective. 5) Cooperation with students of plural university and residents made synergies.

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