Departmental Bulletin Paper 廃プラを用いたナノサイズ有害物質の環境漏出防止に関する研究(学内特別研究および国外研修)

髙野, 凌暉  ,  雨宮, 隆  ,  Ryoki, Takano  ,  Takashi, Amemiya

Although nano-scale materials, such as carbon nanotube (CNT), have high performances for industrial use, when exposed into environment, a possibility of being harmful to human body health is reported. This research pursues method to make waste CNT solidified by composition with a plastic, as the technique for fixing and confining CNT avoiding dispersion to the environment. As the first step of this research program, the synthesis of CNT from ethanol by CVD method using a high-temperature catalyst reactor was successfully conducted. Produced CNT was composed to make solidified sample with polycarbonate resin. Up to 5% CNT concentration in the resin was obtained as a result.

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