Departmental Bulletin Paper 自着火反応過程における反応中間生成物の解明~n-heptaneとtolueneの酸化反応で生成される含酸素炭化水素の検討~(学内特別研究および国外研修)

中野, 道王  ,  Michio, Nakano

A comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography with time-of-flight mass spectrometer (GC x GC - TOFMS) was used for analysis of gas composition in a constant volume combustion chamber before ignition. For mass spectrometer, electron ionization and field ionization were used in order to estimate molecular formula and identify chemical compounds. Stoichiometric mixture of C7H8/O2/Ar and 20mol%C7H8+80mol%n-C7H16/O2/Ar were used in this study. Influences of mixture temperature on reaction products from C7H8/O2/Ar were investigated by varying mixture temperature from 450 to 510K. From the intensity of detected signal of benzaldehyde, it was indicated that oxidation reaction of C7H8 was accelerated by temperature rising. From comparison between C7H8/O2/Ar and 20mol%C7H8+80mol%n-C7H16/O2/Ar, it was indicated that the reaction of n-C7H16 accelerated the consumption of C7H8 and the production of benzaldehyde. In addition to that, from detected signals of reaction products from 20mol%C7H8+80mol%n-C7H16/O2/Ar, it was suggested that heptanedion was important product of low temperature reaction of alkanes.

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