Departmental Bulletin Paper 光計測応用研究室の研究概要(電気電子工学科特集)

髙橋, 明遠  ,  Akito, Takahashi

This laboratory researches particularly into a modeling effect in illuminating engineering. In visual environment, a human face is important visual object. The luminance distributions of mannequin faces are measured by CCD photography method. Measured data obtained under various luminous environment are analyzed using box -counting method. It is found that the distribution shows fractal characteristics. It is also clarified that the fractal dimension of the distribution is depend on image resolution. It is proposed that non-compression image is suitable at the analysis using box -counting method in practice. It is considered that the fractal dimension is useful as a modeling index of human face under the condition that an image resolution is kept constant. In addition to above-mentioned contents, the ordinary activities of students in this laboratory are described briefly.

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