Departmental Bulletin Paper 電気電子工学実験の改革(電気電子工学科特集)

青柳, 稔  ,  石川, 豊  ,  於保, 茂  ,  神野, 健哉  ,  宇賀神, 守  ,  吉野, 秀明  ,  吉田, 清  ,  髙橋, 明遠  ,  上野, 貴博  ,  平栗, 健史  ,  竹村, 暢康  ,  木許, 雅則  ,  木村, 貴幸  ,  清水, 博幸  ,  大田, 健紘  ,  竹本, 泰敏  ,  進藤, 卓也

Nippon Institute of Technology has been provided practical engineering educations. Experiment learnings are very important on learning the practical engineering education. The Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering reformed the experiment learning on a large scale from 2011 through 2013. In this paper, we describe a summary of the reform of the experiment learning.

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