Departmental Bulletin Paper FIB加工により製作した金型を用いたセラミック粉末の常温圧縮加工(論文)

野口, 裕之  ,  Hiroyuki, Noguchi

To eliminate the volume change of ceramics during sintering, in this study, we attempt to produce sintered alumina only by compressing alumina powder at room temperature. Thereby, for applying ultrahigh pressures, we focused on the pressure tightness and mold releasability of diamond. The diamond anvils we used are of the type widely used in high pressure experiments. With the diamond anvils placed one above the other, three -dimensional fine carving was performed on the culet (planar section) of one of the diamond anvils using focused ion -beam(FIB) technology for creating a diamond micro mold. First, alumina powder was compressed under a high pressure using flat diamond anvils. Then, alumina powder was subjected to high-pressure molding under vertical compression using the fabricated micro mold without lubrication at room temperature. Cross-sectional texture of the compressed body was observed using a scanning transmission electron microscope (STEM).

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