Departmental Bulletin Paper 生活環境デザイン学科のフレッシュマンキャンプ(教育改革シンポジウム)

勝木, 祐仁  ,  樋口, 佳樹  ,  金野, 千恵  ,  葛西, 幸一  ,  波多野, 純  ,  黒津, 高行  ,  川村, 清志  ,  瀬戸, 眞弓  ,  足立, 真  ,  Yuji, Katsuki  ,  Yoshiki, Higuchi  ,  Chie, Konno  ,  Koichi, Kasai  ,  Jun, Hatano  ,  Takayuki, Kurotsu  ,  Seishi, Kawamura  ,  Mayumi, Seto  ,  Makoto, Adachi

This paper reports on practice, achievement and subject of future investigation of the Freshman Camp of the Dept. of Living Environment Design, Nippon Institute of Technology. The Freshman Camp started 4 years ago and is held shortly after the freshmen's entrance into the university as a study tour. The department has developed the tour as an introduction of learning to give students a general idea on what kind of field they are going to study. It is characterized by having fieldwork or workshop, collaborators at the destination and a chance to take inventory of the tour.

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