Departmental Bulletin Paper 電気電子工学科のフレッシュマンキャンプの活動報告(教育改革シンポジウム)

青柳,稔  ,  高橋, 明遠  ,  石川, 豊  ,  於保, 茂  ,  宇賀神, 守  ,  吉野, 秀明  ,  吉田, 清  ,  神野, 健哉  ,  上野, 貴博  ,  平栗, 健史  ,  竹村, 暢康  ,  木許, 雅則  ,  木村, 貴幸  ,  清水, 博幸  ,  大田, 健紘  ,  竹本, 泰敏  ,  進藤, 卓也  ,  浅見, 美香  ,  Minoru, Aoyagi  ,  Akito, Takahashi  ,  Yutaka, Ishikawa  ,  Shigeru, Oho  ,  Mamoru, Ugajin  ,  Hideaki, Yoshino  ,  Kiyoshi, Yoshida  ,  Kenya, Jinno  ,  Takahiro, Ueno  ,  Takefumi, Hirakuri  ,  Nobuyasu, Takemura  ,  Masanori, Kimoto  ,  Takayuki, Kimura  ,  Hiroyuki, Shimizu  ,  Kenkou, Ohta  ,  Yasutoshi, Takemoto  ,  Takuya, Shindo  ,  Mika, Asami

Every April, right before our academic year starts, we invite our new students to participate in the freshman camp Because the transition into college can be difficult for many students, the freshman camp is intended to ease the transition into college. This program is designed for all new students who enter the college. The freshman camp provides an overview of the college and helps new students schedule classes. It is also an opportunity to make friends. Our freshman camp has been held every year since 2 013. The camp was carried out at the National Bandai Youth Friendship Center in Inawashiro from 2013 to 2015 and at the Kinugawa hot-spring in Nikko City in 2016. The new students get a jump start on preparing for the curriculum, and also make friends. Thi s report is a summary of our freshman camps that have been carried out over four years.

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