Departmental Bulletin Paper 創造システム工学科のフレッシュマンキャンプ-第47回教育改革シンポジウムテーマ「フレッシュマンキャンプ」PDCA-(教育改革シンポジウム)

福田, めぐみ  ,  Megumi, Fukuta

The Freshman Camp of innovative systems engineering is intended to help people make friends and start their college life smoothly. Students must attend sports and craft recreation activities. The camps were opened at the National Olympics Memorial Youth Center, and then later at the Sashima Gakusyu Center. At Sashima Gakusyu Center, students can enjoy a BBQ there. The results of a questionnaire regarding the Freshman Camp showed that students generally have a good impression of each camp, with especially good comments about the BBQ. However, the accommodation in Sashima received bad feedback. The results of questionnaires indicated that each center has both good and bad points. Although accommodation choices proved difficult, events of freshman camp proved successful. As hosts, we support a fun, exciting camp and a smooth start to college life.

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