Departmental Bulletin Paper 情報工学科におけるフィジカルコンピューティング工房の役割と課題-高いスキルと意欲を生かし育む仕組みづくりの試み-(工房科目)

山地, 秀美  ,  勝間田, 仁  ,  松田, 洋  ,  石原, 次郎  ,  Hidemi, Yamachi  ,  Masashi, Katumata  ,  Hiroshi, Matsuda  ,  Jiro, Ishihara

The Physical Computing W orkshop has been opened five years ago for the first and second grade students who already have high motivation and skills of computer programming. They have developed many kinds of applications which use the cutting edged sensor devices , programming libraries and tools that have been released for free use. Their application s have been exhibited at the open campus or other events and have been obtaining high evaluation. At the same time, the students have been taking the leadership in PBL classes or seminars as the experts with high programming skills. In this paper, we describe the over view and the prospects of the workshop.

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