Departmental Bulletin Paper 学内ビオトープの制作と生態系調査(教育活動特集-環境分野研究奨励助成金研究-)

原口, 寿章  ,  雨宮, 隆  ,  Toshiaki, Haraguchi  ,  Takashi, Amemiya

A biotope is an ecosystem constituted in small-scale natural environment where many organisms are living with close relations mutually. In this study, weutilized a section of one reservoir located in NIT campus to create a biotope. For this purpose, a construction work was done to provide a slope and shallow water area on the bank of the reservoir. In the vicinity of the biotope, with the line census method, periodical surveys of numbers and kinds of living organisms during one year were carried out. Based on these data, to evaluate the biodiversity of the ecosystem, Simpson's Reciprocal Index was calculated for each month. Although no distinguish change of biodiversity in the biotope ecosystem is seenin this one year, a longer term observation should be continued.

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