Departmental Bulletin Paper 殻模型計算によるsd殻ハイパー核19ΛFおよび 20ΛNe の生成断面積(国外研修)

梅谷, 篤史  ,  Atsushi, Umeya

Detailed hypernuclear studies have been mainly focused on structures of s- and p-shell systems. As the next stage of hypernuclear studies, we anticipate innovated (K -,π-) reaction experiments for sd-shell hypernuclei to be done at J-PARC, as well as (e, e' K +) reaction experiments at JLab and Mainz. In this work, we focus on 19 ΛF and 20 ΛNe hypernuclei and calculate wave functions by using a multi-configuration shell model and the ΛN effective interactions derived from the Nijmegen NSC97f potentials. We estimate production cross sections of (K -,π-) reaction for the 19F target nucleus.

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