Departmental Bulletin Paper 「LA QUATRIEME IMAGE 2014」にて作品発表 写真作品『Une Place Déterminante — 決定的場所』について(国外研修)

石原, 次郎  ,  Jiro, Ishihara

“LA QUATRIEME IMAGE 2014" that I exhibited my photos “Une Place Déterminante"was held in Paris, France. The concept is as follows.Thesephotographs clarifynot only a new meaningin the photographedobject, but also clarify the photographer's viewpointfrom where he seesan object. By moving the viewpoint only a little, we see a new scene that we would not have seen otherwise. And then we can find the constructivist patterns: the crack of the road, the shadow reflected in the stone wall, snowpileduponaguardrail, etc.I tried to find "a decisive place"by using this small change in viewpoint.

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