Departmental Bulletin Paper A Hybrid Harmony Search Algorithm for a Green Vehicle Routing Problem(Overseas Activities)

Tsutomu, Shohdohji  ,  正道寺, 勉

Currently, environment problem is a critical issue to be concerned in almost area of industries. Especially in transportation domain, in which, greenhouse gas (GHG) emission should be minimized to reduce the carbon foot print. Therefore, in this paper, Green Vehicle Routing Problem (GVRP) is studied and a hybrid algorithm that based on the Harmony Search Algorithm (HSA) is constructed to solve the concerned GVRP. Harmony Search Algorithm is hybridized by the local improvement process called two-phase selection process, then, we use a real case of the retail company to verify the adaptability and efficiency of the proposed algorithm. The objective function applied in this study is to minimize the total fuel consumption while simultaneously meets the delivery requirements from all customers. The test results imply that the proposed method could be applied effectively for the case study. By the way, some configurations of the proposed algorithm should be modified to be a powerful method.

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