Departmental Bulletin Paper ヒューマンコンピュータインタラクションに関する国際会議にて発表(国外研修)

田村, 仁  ,  Hitoshi, Tamura

We have developed and evaluated a touch panel interface that provides tactile feedback depending on the surroundings. We attempt to provide map information for blind people and make the car navigation system replace the white cane for blind people. In the study, we emphasis on providing tactile feedback for blind users that reflects the surroundings. The design of the interface to tactile feedback is that the touch panel moves up and down with a touch position. Those movements provide the tactile feedback. In order to achieve the tactile feedback method, we have placed four servo motors at the four corners of the touch panel. The motors move up and down the panel. From the evaluation experiments, we have observed that it is possible for a blind user to recognize map information by touching the panel.

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