Departmental Bulletin Paper 楽器演奏時の筋活動と演奏音の関係に関する研究(学内特別研究)

大田, 健紘  ,  Kenko, Ota

This research clarifies the facial muscles related to form the appropriate embouchure based on the performance of professional players. The aims of this research are to investigate the appropriate activity of facial muscles for flute and trumpet playing, and to investigate how to alter the muscle activity of amateur players with the progress of performance skill. In this research, EMG(Electromyography) is employed for recording the electrical activity of facial muscles related to flute and trumpet playing. The activity of facial muscles is getting higher with the pitch of tone. Hence, as a result of trumpet, in order to be able to blow higher tone, players are required to reduce the muscle activity in low- and middle-tone ranges. As a result of flute, OOS and LAO are important combination to change the pitch of a tone.

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