Departmental Bulletin Paper 太陽光発電システムにおけるニューロコンピューティング技法を用いた最大電力点追尾制御手法の開発(学内特別研究)

木村, 貴幸  ,  佐藤, 徳馬  ,  Takayuki, Kimura  ,  Tokuma, Sato

Because of the increase demands of the electric power or rising prices of the fossil fuel, the renewable energies such as the solar power and the wind power pay much attention recently. Among these renewable energy systems, the solar power is regarded as the next power generating system. However, the generating power is always fluctuating depending on the weather conditions. The maximum power point tracking (MPPT) controlling method is then applied to the power conditioners to obtain the maximum power. In this report, we first evaluate the conventional MPPT method called the Newton method and we clarify that this method shows poor performance if the partial shading has occurred on the solar panel. Further, we propose a new switching photovoltaic power generation system to overcome these undesirable problems.

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