Departmental Bulletin Paper 非線形振動発生回路の開発とその影響解析(学内特別研究)

神野, 健哉  ,  Kenya, JIN'NO

Nonlinear dynamical systems generate various kinds of complex phenomena. The complex phenomena are effected our daily life. Therefore, to clarify the role of such complex phenomena and the analysis of its dynamics are very important. We investigated how such complicated vibrations affect to human bodies directly. In the previous study, we focused on the chaotic vibrations generated from chaotic dynamical system is described by 1-D map. We also introduced chaotic vibrations with 1/f structure that have already been acknowledged to have positive effects on human bodies indirectly. Low-frequency electrical therapy devices are typical examples of applications of electrostimulations for medical treatments such as mitigation of throbbing pains and therapy of muscles. It has been reported that muscle contraction by electrostimulation encourages rehabilitation of paraplegic moves. These results of positive effects by electrostimulation indicate that it is important to develop an effective electrostimulation method. In order to generate a more natural nonlinear vibration, we produced a chaotic electric vibration circuit for the low-frequency electrical therapy device. By using our developed device, we measure the effect on the human bodies of a nonlinear pulse signal.

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