Departmental Bulletin Paper デバイスへの実装を指向したヘテロナノバイオ構造創製(学内特別研究)

佐野, 健一  ,  Ken-Ichi, Sano

Fabrication of three-dimensional arrays of bio-inorganic hybrid materials using the ability of both biocatalyst and bio-molecular recognition is drawing considerable attention because of their potential to produce hierarchical nanostructures. We have developed a novel method to fabricate hierarchical nanostructure, named “biomimetic layer-by-layer assembly (BioLBL). BioLBL alternately utilizes the binding and mineralization capabilities of peptide aptamer to assemble multilayered nanostructures composed of layers of peptide aptamer and intercalating minerals such as silica and titania. In this study, we tried to develop the liquid phase QCM system to use of real time monitoring of BioLBL process.

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