Departmental Bulletin Paper Study on the Applications of Functionally-Developed Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) Films “Heat resistant properties of Si-O-DLC and Si-N-DLC films"(Researches)

Nutthanun, Moolsradoo  ,  Anak, Khantachawana  ,  Chavin, Jongwannnasiri  ,  Shuichi, Watanabe  ,  ナッタナン, ムルサラドゥ  ,  アナック, カンタチャワナ  ,  チャウイン, ジョンワンナシリ  ,  渡部, 修一

In this article, the results obtained from a study carried out on the Si-O-DLC and Si-N-DLC films is reported. All the films were deposited using plasma-based ion implantation technique. The deposited films were annealed at 400°C and 650°C in an air atmosphere for 1 hour. The effects of adding silicon/oxygen and silicon/nitrogen into the DLC film on chemical composition and friction coefficient were investigated. The results indicate that all the films showed almost constant atomic contents of C, Si, O and N until annealing at 400°C. However, the films were completely destroyed at 650°C with the increased in Si and O contents, while the C content decreased. The Si-O-DLC and Si-N-DLC films exhibited lower values of friction coefficients than conventional DLC before and after annealing at 400°C, whereas all the films presented the same values of friction coefficients after annealing at 650°C due to the completely destroyed of the films. Furthermore, the Si-O-DLC film also exhibited lower value of friction coefficient than the Si-N-DLC film after annealing at 400°C. Thus, the Si-O-DLC film can be considered beneficial in improving the heat resistant properties

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