Departmental Bulletin Paper 無線伝送メディア技術に関する通信品質改善のためのアクセス制御の研究(博士論文概要)--(電気工学専攻)

小川,知将  ,  Toshiyuki,Ogawa

Developments in wireless LAN technology have resulted in the proliferation of various types of mobile terminal devices with wireless LAN implemented. The services used by these terminals include conventional web access and e-mail, as well as multimedia services and various application s, such as voice and video communication.Multimedia applications require high communication quality. Therefore, delay time and packet loss rate for packet transmission must be reduced, and communication bandwidth and t hroughput must be guaranteed. I propose a novel access control method that improves the communication quality of the various applications that utiliz e wireless LANs. In addition, I propose improvements to the communication quality of the access control method for next-generation wireless transmission technology.

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