Departmental Bulletin Paper 環境用語の出現頻度に基づく環境問題関連情報の分析に関する研究(博士論文概要)

上田, 翔  ,  Sho, Ueda

Environmental issues include various elements. The environmental problem in 2014 is the following Global warming, destruction of the ozone layer, loss of biodiversity, environmental pollution accident of nuclear power plant problems, etc. Various support for reducing the damage caused by environmental issues is executing. However, the existing problem-solving methods, there is a case in response to environmental issues is difficult. Reasons include the characteristic property environmental issues. The complex relationship between environmental information should be illustrated and systematized to solve environmental issues.This study focuses on the information of environmental problems, an object of the quantitative analysis of transmitting information on environmental issues.The following based on the properties of the outgoing information on environmental issues grasp of the corresponding environmental issues, problem finding, to perform a clarification. Also, the problem was analyzed by qualitative techniques and analyzed on the basis of quantitative data. Information Management for problem solving is to complement the incomplete information, to contribute to the sharing of information between the fields.

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