Departmental Bulletin Paper 摺動部材へのDLC膜の応用に関する研究(博士論文概要)

町田, 成康  ,  Nariyasu, Machida

This study is conducted to investigate the application of DLC films for sliding parts. It particularly focuses on the development of DLC films for plastic working molds for the dry process in the field of plastic processing, and the development of conductive DLC films as an alternative to hexavalent chromium plating.For applications to plastic working molds, which undergo periodic stress due to heavy loads, the effect of Si addition on the improvement in characteristics of DLC films is investigated. It is found that doping of Si to DLC films improves characteristics such as Young's modulus and fracture toughness. Moreover, it is discovered that Si–DLC films possesses adhesiveness with which they can follow periodic deformations of the substrate. On the basis of these results, a small-sized tube expansion mold is coated with DLC films results in verifying the possibility of dry plastic working of galvanized steel pipes.For the study of conductive DLC films as alternatives to chromium plating, B doped DLC films are synthesized using an RF plasma CVD device with B(C2H5)3 source gas. Results show that it is succeeded in establishing a synthesizing condition for dielectric B–DLC films while maintaining superior tribological characteristics.

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