Departmental Bulletin Paper A Tentative Partial Translation of: Beppu in Picture Postcards, from the Kojyo Toshihide Collection Preface, Foreword, Introduction, and Part I: Seashores and Springs

Matsuda, Noriko  ,  Kojyo, Toshihide  ,  Nootbaar, Julie Joy

This tentative partial translation is part of a work in progress on the complete translation ofBeppu in Picture Postcards, from the Kojyo Toshihide Collection , 3rd Edition (Tokyo: Sayusha,2017) by Noriko Matsuda, beginning with this publication of Part I, including the Preface,Supervisory Editor’s Foreword, and Author’s Introduction. Beppu in Picture Postcards, fromthe Kojyo Toshihide Collection traces the history of the development of the hot spring resortcity of Beppu, in Oita Prefecture, Japan, from the end of the Meiji Period until the start of thePacific War, or roughly the first half of the 20th century, as seen in picture postcards producedduring that period. Part I, “Seashores and Springs”, translated here, covers the origins oftourism in Beppu, tracing its Meiji Period beginnings as a small village with beautiful beacheswhere hot springs heated the sand for sea and sand bathing to its development into a boominghot spring town where a modernized transportation infrastructure brought visitors by sea andland from around the country for rest and relaxation at the ever-growing number of inns and hotspring bathing facilities. Focus is on the depiction and presentation of Beppu as it developed, asseen in the composition and design of picture postcards, which were said to be in their GoldenAge during this time.

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