Departmental Bulletin Paper 短期大学の多人数授業への協同授業の適用 -個人の貢献度とコミュニケーションスキルの関連を中心に-
The Application of the Collaborative Learning to the Massive College Classroom :The Relation between the Personal Contribution to the Group and the College Students’Communication Skills

藤田, 文

The purpose of the present study was to examine the possibility of the application of thecollaborative learning to the massive college classroom. 125 junior college students weredivided into 21 groups and participated in the collaborative sessions of the psychology class.They evaluated the degree of the group satisfaction and the self-contribution to the group.And they responded to the questionnaire about their communication skills and the independentand interdependent view of self. The result indicated that the satisfaction of the groupperformance was very high. Therefore it suggested the positive possibility of the application ofthe collaborative learning to the massive college classroom . The evaluation of self-contributionrelated to all communication skills. The particular skills for the contribution were not identified.And the students who highly evaluated the self-contribution showed the high independent viewof self, while the students who low evaluated the self-contribution showed the high evaluationanxiety. These findings suggest that the activation of the collaborative learning needs thecommunication skill and the removal of the evaluation anxiety. 

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