Departmental Bulletin Paper 幼児の仲間との相互作用のきっかけ -仲間入りと仲間入れに着目して-
Initiating interactions among preschool children by focusing on children joining a group, or children accepting others as group members

藤田, 文

Methods of initiating interactions with peers were investigated by videotaping preschoolers’ free play. Participants were 57 preschool children, aged between 2 and 6-years of age. The 91 episodes that children joined an existing peer group and 98 episodes that children accepted other children as members of their own group were recorded and analyzed to understand children’s explicit and implicit strategies. In addition, the effects of different strategies and their success or failure were analyzed. Results indicated that children mainly used implicit strategies and the strategies had a 50% success rate. The strategy of questioning about peer play was successful in both joining peer group and accepting other children. A case study analyzing skillful and unskillful children showed that skillful children used both strategies of questioning and calling directly at particular children.

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