Departmental Bulletin Paper 大分県姫島村における魚味噌加工業の進展とサービスラーニング : 経営コンサルティングに焦点を当てたNPO自分戦略デザイン大学の実践
Development in the Industry of Fish-Miso in the Region of Himeshima Village in Oita Prefecture : Through our Practice Focusing on Management Consulting by NPO Self Strategy Design University

安倍, 尚紀  ,  成田, 誠

This paper is case study of “Service Learning” located in Hime Island, northern part of Oita prefecture. This Hime island is recently very much being gazed at after mass media introduced its community business “Fish Miso”industory. It’s not easy to keep running food manufacture business especially due to environment of island [to find stable ingredients, to expand sales, to ensure stable manpower]. However in this Hime island “Fish Miso” industry has been launched and run by an organization established by resident ladies. Our students have been practiced arketing proposal as a Serviced Learning.

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