Departmental Bulletin Paper 児童期の自由遊び場面におけるいざこざⅡ: 女児のやりとりを中心に
The conflicts among elementary school children during free playⅡ :Focusing on the interaction among girls

藤田, 文

The childrenʼs conflicts during free play in elementary school were bserved and analyzed focusing on those of the girlʼs members. The participants ere 59 first grade, 47 second grade, 37 third grade children in the elementary school. Observations were made about two months using a tape recorder and field notes. Ninety-one conflict cases were collected and analyzed. The main results showed that the main causes of the conflicts were the denial or the refusal of peer opinion and behavior, and accidental occurrence. And the main strategies of solving the conflicts were the assertion and the resistance. And the main conclusions of the conflicts were spontaneous ettlement and unsettlement. These results suggested that girls in lementary school adopted the assertive or selfish strategies in solving onflicts, and the unsettlement is usually occurred among girls.

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