Departmental Bulletin Paper 安定なエマルション燃料調製のための乳化条件の検討 

鈴木, 麻希  ,  藤尾, 克彦

50pp.121 - 134 , 2015-03-20 , 東海大学理学部 , Tokai University. School of Science , 東海大学出版部
We investigated several emulsifying conditions, such as impurities in water and concentration and kind of emulsifiers, for preparing an emulsified fuel composed of Bunker A and water in order to find the optimum emulsifying condition for kinetically stable emulsified fuel. Gases dissolved in water lowered the kinetic stability of emulsified fuel, while cations of sodium, calcium and magnesium in water did not affect or slightly enhanced it. Among three emulsifiers studied, DKS NL-Dash404, NOIGEN TDS30 and NOIGEN TDS50, the most suitable emulsifier dissolved in water was DKS NL-Dash404 composed of some nonionic surfactants having hydrophobic group with different chain length. The emulsifying conditions for preparing the most kinetically stable emulsified fuel studied in this work were Bunker A: distilled water = 7 : 3 (vol : vol), 1.8 vol% DKS NL-Dash404 in water and 0.8 vol% SORGEN 40 in Bunker A.

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