Departmental Bulletin Paper Sowing Seeds to Save the Planet:Environmental Issues in the Poetry of Nanao Sakaki

Maher, Richard A.  ,  マハー, リチャードA.

(37)  , pp.77 - 103 , 2017-03-31 , 新島学園短期大学
Amid the whirlwind of postwar modernization, Nanao Sakaki found inspiration in thewild and became one of Japan’s great voices for the environment, working tirelessly toenlighten the Japanese public about the government’s anti-environmental policies andattempting to change those policies through poetry and grass roots activism. Flavoredwith a unique brand of crazy wisdom and wit, his poetry addresses the beauty of thenatural world and disappointment about humanity’s lack of concern for the environment.This paper examines Sakaki’s environmental themes, especially his objection to riverdams, coral reef habitat destruction, and nuclear energy. Although he expressesdisappointment, he does not completely despair. By calling attention to our threatenedenvironment he becomes a voice for the earth, hoping to inspire others to renew theirbond with the landscape and save the planet.

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