Departmental Bulletin Paper 大学生の睡眠覚醒習慣について(第2 報)

福田, 一彦  ,  浅岡, 章一  ,  中村 真  ,  T.M. Kelly  ,  宮崎 幸司  ,  室城 隆之  ,  山本 隆一郎

Disturbance of sleep wake patterns, i.e., irregular sleep-wake cycle or delayed sleep wake patterns, is common among university students in many countries. The sleep of Japanese people is well-known for being both disturbed and short. Japanese university students, however, are considered to have the most disturbed sleep patterns, and actually they are reported to be the most sleep deprived in the world (Steptoe et al., 2006). In this study we surveyed our undergraduates’ sleep patterns and analyzed its relationship with academic performance and mental conditions. In the latter part of this report, we provide a case study of a student whose severely disturbed sleep patterns had put him on the verge of dropping out from university. We provided him with weekly guidance on sleep patterns and the successful results of this case are reported.

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