Departmental Bulletin Paper 「デアドラの物語」における悲劇の構築―W. B. イェイツ,グレゴリ夫人,J. M. シングの場合
Creating Tragedy from Deidre Legend: A Comparative Literary Study of W. B. Yeats, Lady Gregory and J. M. Synge.

海老澤, 邦江

A legendary Deirdre in the manuscripts such as the Book of Leinster has inspired many Irish writers. They developed a variety of its versions into verse, narratives and drama. Especially during the Irish Literary Renaissance, Deidre was considered as significant a fictional figure embodying Ireland as Cathleen or Rosaleen. This paper examines three works of Deidre by W. B. Yeats, Lady Gregory and J. M. Synge, all of whom also played important roles in establishing the Abbey Theatre. By comparing their works, I intend to reveal the features, techniques and purposes of each work and discuss how they created a tragic heroine, Deidre, and Irish tragedy as national literature.

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