Others 看護系大学のWeb上シラバスにおける遠隔看護関連用語出現状況の実態調査
Survey on the Actual Situation of Learning Related to Telenursing by Web Syllabus 
カンゴ ケイ ダイガク ノ Web ジョウ シラバス ニ オケル エンカク カンゴ カンレン ヨウゴ シュツゲン ジョウキョウ ノ ジッタイ チョウサ

豊増, 佳子  ,  森, 雅生  ,  川口, 孝泰  ,  Toyomasu, Keiko  ,  Mori, Masao  ,  Kawaguchi, Takayasu  ,  東京情報大学看護学部  ,  東京工業大学情報活用IR室  ,  Faculty of Nursing, Tokyo University of Information Sciences  ,  Tokyo Institute of Technology, Office of Institutional Research and Decision Support

Telenursing is defined as "nursing practice using telecommunication technology." Practice of telenursing requires special knowledge and skills in addition to basic nursing practical skills related to information science and computer science. Therefore, we surveyed the actual situation of education on telenursing in fundamental nursing education. The data were collected from the syllabus of fundamental nursing education published on the Web. The number of occurrences of keywords related to telenursing in the syllabus that we were able to collect was calculated quantitatively. As a result, terms from the syllabus, such as "Enkaku-kango (telenursing by Japanese)" and "Telenursing" were extracted each from one university, and they were the same university. "Telemedicine" was extracted from four universities and was duplicated with one university that extracted "Enkaku-kango." "Tele-Na-Singu (telenursing by Japanese Katakana)" and "telehealth" were not extracted. There were few opportunities for learning related to telenursing in nursing fundamental education of the current nursing universities.

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