Others ノロウイルスによる感染性胃腸炎の集団発生予防に向けた取り組みの現  ―特別養護老人ホームに勤務する介護職員のインタビュー調査から―
The Current Status Regarding Prevention of Outbreak of the Norovirus Gastroenteritis: From an Interview Survey Focusing on Nursing Care Staff in Intensive Nursing Care Homes for the Elderly
ノロウイルス ニ ヨル カンセンセイ イチョウエン ノ シュウダン ハッセイヨボウ ニ ムケタ トリクミ ノ ゲンジョウ トクベツ ヨウゴ ロウジンホーム ニ キンム スル カイゴ ショクイン ノ インタビュー チョウサ カラ

髙栁, 千賀子  ,  杉本, 知子  ,  鳥田, 美紀代  ,  上野, 佳代  ,  成, 玉恵  ,  Takayanagi, Chikako  ,  Sugimoto, Tomoko  ,  Torita, Mikiyo  ,  Ueno, Kayo  ,  Sei, Tamae  ,  東京情報大学看護学部  ,  千葉県立保健医療大学健康科学部  ,  Faculty of Nursing, Tokyo University of Information Sciences  ,  Chiba Prefectural University of Health Sciences

The interview survey was conducted, as a pilot study, in 4 nursing care staff working for 2 facilities of intensive nursing care homes for the elderly in order to reveal current situations of nursing care that they provide for the elderly in those facilities to prevent epidemic outbreak of norovirus infection. Using a verbatim record as a descriptive material, we extracted codes which represented the cares provided by the nursing care staff to prevent epidemic outbreak of infectious gastroenteritis and categorized them according to similarity. As a result, 5 categories were extracted from 66 codes. These categories were as follows: The nursing care staff are to“ constantly assure that they take a manualized measure”“, put a focus on education of staff who do not have adequate experiences”“, make an effort so that facility-based training would not become a tedious routine”“, observe and consult on health status of the elderly during transportation” and“ consult with nurses on their own health stats”. However, the most important item, namely, thorough hand hygiene of nursing care stuff themselves, was not clearly indicated in those categories.This suggests that it is crucial to reinforce collaboration between nursing care staff and nurses, and control the spreadof infection by blocking the route of infection. In the next study, the number of interview cases should be increased to assure the quality of this research.


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