Others 看護教員を対象としたストレスに関する研究の動向
A Literature Review on Research Trends in Stress for Nursing Faculty
カンゴ キョウイン オ タイショウ ト シタ ストレス ニ カンスル ケンキュウ ノ ドウコウ

林, 美佐  ,  Hayashi, Misa  ,  東京情報大学看護学部  ,  Faculty of Nursing, Tokyo University of Information Sciences

The aim of this study was to analyze previous published literature on stress for nursing faculty and to further explore study methods to stress management research in the nursing faculty. Using Igaku Chuo Zasshi Datebase so that 13 literatures were selected.These studies were classified studies about factors which stressors of nursing faculty, factors which related to the stress of the nursing faculty and about factors which sense of coherence and resilience in nursing faculty. Also the many research faculties in the College, less research institutions in General. We should determine the relationship between sense of coherence and resilience factors and identification of stress factors will all institutions using it.


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