Departmental Bulletin Paper 精神科訪問看護師が見る統合失調症患者の再発徴候
Early Signs of Relapse in Schizophrenia : Interview Surveys of Home Health Psychiatric Nurses
セイシンカ ホウモンカンゴシ ガ ミル トウゴウ シッチョウショウ カンジャ ノ サイハツ チョウコウ

大山, 一志  ,  藤井, 博英  ,  Oyama, Hitoshi  ,  Fujii, Hirohide  ,  日本赤十字秋田看護大学  ,  東京情報大学看護学部  ,  Japanese Red Cross Akita College of Nursing  ,  Faculty of Nursing, Tokyo University of Information Sciences

Consulting itako [blind female mediums] is the spiritual practice found in the Tohoku region especially in Aomori Prefecture. In order to research how itako helped clients assuage guilt due to loss from suicide, our study interviewed suicide loss survivors who consulted an itako. Itako were believed to channel the soul of the deceased, allowing suicide loss survivors to learn why the family member committed suicide. Suicide loss survivors were comforted by learning how the deceased viewed life. In addition, suicide loss survivors felt “empathy for how the deceased had lived,” they “[believed] that the deceased is protected in the afterlife and [they felt] a connection to the deceased, and they “[felt] that the sins of the deceased and [his or her] family had been washed away.” having received a “divine revelation about life,” suicide loss survivors felt that “[their] soul[s] had been purified.”

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