Departmental Bulletin Paper 自死遺族のグリーフワークを促進する民間信仰の実態
The way in Which a Folk Belief Facilitates Grief Work by Suicide Loss Survivors
ジシ イゾク ノ グリーフワーク オ ソクシン スル ミンカン シンコウ ノ ジッタイ

藤井, 博英  ,  柏葉, 英美  ,  大山, 一志  ,  松下, 博宣  ,  Hirohide Fujii  ,  Kashiwaba, Hidemi  ,  Oyama, Hitoshi  ,  Matsushita\n, Hironobu  ,  東京情報大学看護学部  ,  岩手県立大学  ,  日本赤十字秋田看護大学  ,  Faculty of Nursing, Tokyo University of Information Sciences  ,  Iwate Prefectural University  ,  Japanese Red Cross Akita College of Nursing

The early detection of relapse in patients with schizophrenia is considered an important objective for psychiatric nurses doing home health visits. In this study, interview surveys of home health psychiatric nurses were conducted to elucidate what they watched for when monitoring these patients for signs of relapse. The results showed that when monitoring for deteriorating health, through experience, they had learned to watch for deviations from usual lifestyle patterns, worsening of patient pathological experience, loss of interest in treatment, and abnormal communication.

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