Others なぜ細胞性粘菌の動きは微分方程式で表されるのか
Why the Motion of the Cellular Slime Molds Can be Expressed by PDEs ?

矢作, 由美  ,  Yahagi, Yumi  ,  東京情報大学総合情報学部  ,  Faculty of Informatics,Tokyo University of Information Sciences

The cellular slime molds perform the cell division when there exist full feed around them. In this situation, they keep the form as ameba. After they eat whole of feed in their surrounding, they fall into starvation.Then, they are gathering and take a form like a slug( the hunger state). The Keller Segel system is the biological model which expresses the movement until the cellular slime molds fall in the hunger state and form an aggregate. Here, we reconsider the Keller-Segel system as a biological model, and express the motion of the cells from a probablistic point of view.


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