Departmental Bulletin Paper カオス・フラクタル解析による光刺激に対する魚群行動の定量化への試み
Approach for Quantification of Fish Schooling Behavior under Light Stimulation using Chaos and Fractal Analysis
カオス・フラクタル カイセキ ニ ヨル ヒカリシゲキ ニ タイスル ギョグンコウドウ ノ テイリョウカ エノ ココロミ

伊丹, 伸  ,  福田, 耕治  ,  杉野, 隆三郎  ,  三宅, 修平  ,  Itami, Shin  ,  Fukuda, Koji  ,  Sugino, Ryuzaburo  ,  Miyake, Shuhei  ,  阿南工業高等専門学校創造技術工学科  ,  東京情報大学総合情報学部  ,  Department of Creative Technology Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Anan College,/ Faculty of Informatics,Tokyo University of Information Sciences

Establishment of the technique to quantify the complicated behaviors of creatures is an important subject for industrial applications of the mathematics and information science. In this study, we tried to quantify offish schooling behavior under light stimulation using chaos and fractal analysis. The experimental fish wasthe Japanese Jack Mackerel that has the high benefit in fishery science, and the light stimulation by LED was experimented giving light source such as red, green, blue and white one. We extracted a swimming trajectory from motion image data and calculated the maximum Lyapunov exponent and the fractal dimension by the Higuchi method. We used these chaos and fractal exponents as amount of characteristics to make a decision of the fish schooling behavior patterns. In our obtained results, we can show the effectiveness of chaos and fractal analysis for the quantification of fish schooling in which we can recognize the big amount of difference of red lighting among the other light source regarding the complicated swimming behavior in a water tank.

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