Departmental Bulletin Paper 共創場原理をベースとする群集行動モデルの構築
Development of Crowd Behavior Model Based on Co-creation Principle
キョウソウジョウ ゲンリ オ ベース ト スル グンシュウ コウドウ モデル ノ コウチク

杉野, 隆三郎  ,  三宅, 修平  ,  Sugino, Ryuzaburo  ,  Miyake, Shuhei  ,  阿南工業高等専門学校創造技術工学科  ,  東京情報大学総合情報学部\n  ,  Department of Creative Technology Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Anan College,/ Faculty of Informatics,Tokyo University of Information Sciences

In recent years, the crowd behaviors of animate nature and human society has been getting themselves, and the researchers are going on increasing in which they apply to the method of crowd control about animate being and human being and design for the safe artifact and the sustainable environment. The researchers analyze the crowd behaviors using the multiagent technique about the insect group action, the people group action in disasterevacuation and so on. However, there are no quantitative and qualitative studies in which a mathematical model is building using the extract data from the actual living things and human behaviors that the process of crowd behavior involves the cognition, judgment and action. In this study, we propose to a new crowd behavior model that has a perspectives of mathematical and informatics. We collect the quantitative data of crowd behavior of living thing and human, and the collective phenomena are analyzed and reinterpreting based on no self-other alternation co-creation principle, In this paper, we discuss about the basic mathematical frame about the advection movement of the level set function satisfying the Grad-Shafranov equation having the free boundary. And, the computer simulation method using the mathematicalmodel and its applications of the obtained real crowd behaviors are discussed.\n

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