Departmental Bulletin Paper スカイラインチャートの拡張による多地域間産業連関表の多次元可視化手法の開発
Multi-dimensional Visualization Method for Multi-regional Input-Output Tables with Extending Skyline-chart
スカイラインチャート ノ カクチョウ ニ ヨル タチイキカン サンギョウカンレン ヒョウ ノ タジゲン カシカ シュホウ ノ カイハツ

藤原, 丈史  ,  Fujiwara, Takeshi  ,  東京情報大学総合情報学部  ,  Faculty of Informatics,Tokyo University of Information Sciences

An input-output table describes economic and industrial structures within an economy, and it is an important tool for use in various analyses, such as of an economic ripple effect. A skyline chart can help to visualize industrial structures from an input-output table; however, it is complicated to compare charts in parallel because a skyline chart can represent only one economy within a chart. This research develops a new chart that is able to visualize industrial structures of multiple economies within one chart to compare various features of different economies simultaneously.

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