Departmental Bulletin Paper 生涯学習講座(工作実習)「ミニチュアハウスをつくる」
Craft Seminar "Building Miniature House Models"
ショウガイ ガクシュウ コウザ : コウサク ジッシュウ : ミニチュア ハウス オ ツクル

小泉, 宣夫  ,  コイズミ, ノブオ  ,  Nobuo , Koizumi

19 ( 2 )  , pp.41 - 46 , 2016-03-01
Building Miniature House Models is a craft seminar for senior citizen, and held on September 25, October 2 and October 9. The aim is to build a vignette( small diorama) with small house. Scale of the model is 1/45. It was planned to use commonly available materials, easily built by beginners, and suitable for shelf display. The techniques can be applied to doll house hobby and model railroads. 15 people attended the seminar.Guidance lectures and styrene foam sheet cutting was shown on the first day, building and painting structures were taught on the second day, and building scenery plate and trees were guided on the third day.Attendants' pieces of work were exhibited during school festivals on October 24 and 25, and community festival held in the campus on November 1.

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